Sunday, August 9, 2009

Part 2.. to fresh graduates (^^,)

part 2

mengenai alam pekerjaan :-)

why companies don't hire fresh graduate?

- poor commad of english communication ( 55%)
- poor character, attitude or personality ( 37%)
-asking for unrealistic question, about salary and benefits. ( 33%)

criteria yang perlu ada pada seseorang pekerja:

soft skill
academic background
proficiency in english
interview perfomance
graduate fit with company culture

Rule in communications

kominunikasi yang spesifik
jawapan yang jelas serta tidak teragak2
n speech for yourself ( bercakap yakin dr diri sendiri)

last but not least,
Personal Branding make you..

> stand out
>the right choice..

habis tara..

ade lagi..

8 steps to create your personal branding:

1) Find your passion ( kenali apa yang kita minat)
2)develope your brand proposition
3)define your mission
4)mission statement ( prinsip)
5)know the obstacles
6) package your brand
8)make a pland and spread the word